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I'm looking for a team of competitive people that are able to play regularly late-nights, and still like to have a good time. I'm usually on from ~10PM - 10AM EST. Mics are essential, and I'd prefer t...

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I'm a 30-year-old male from the New England area. My first gaming experience was with the N.E.S. in the late-80's, and it's been a love of mine ever since. I love playing a variety of games, and when I'm not wrecking people in shooters, I love delving into a deep RPG for days on end. I also love film, music, and debate. I'm currently finishing up a cpu science degree, and also work in the evenings, but from 10PM-10AM EST, it's open for game time. I'd really like to get more players together who are able to play regularly around the same time, who have plenty of experience (prestige 1 or 2 preferably), are flexible in classes (unless your main hero is ranked high), know how to work as a competitive team, and also have fun and learn from the losses.


I have experience with most the major shooters over the past decade+. I have a lot of experience with CoD since MW1, and can work as a team player. I've been playing the Overwatch since the beta. I'm currently around lvl 170 as of this post. According to, I'm in the Top 10 for medals earned. According to Overwatch Tracker, I'm in the Top 100 overall for score, I'm a top 10 Torbjorn (only a fraction of my playtime though, and I play Rambo Torb, not AFK Torb, lol), Top 100 Junkrat, and Top few hundred for a few others. I also have a lot of playtime with Tracer, Soldier, Lucio, Winston, and D.Va. I can play just about any character though, and am flexible when needed.

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