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Hello everyone, I'm looking for a group of players age 17+ to do serious competitive Overwatch with and play in the big leagues. I'm willing to play as the Flex role since I prefer to be open rather t...

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I'm flaiR, a 17 year old gamer who wants to find a group of age 17+ players to do serious competitive Overwatch with. Not just plain old competitive, real tournament stuff. I'm willing to spend lots of time practicing and playing with the team to get up team bonds, and to work on new strats.


I've been playing Overwatch since the launch day and I've played many FPS games in the past. I've played over 1900+ hours of CS:GO and 2700+ hours of Team Fortress 2 and now want to divert my attention to Overwatch. I have lots of team experience and have been in 19+ CS:GO teams.

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