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I would like to find few solid people that I can shoot the shit with as we massacre Mei. But most importantly, I need a good wingman to pull these fine ass overwatch hotties ;) my current stuttering, ...

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Hello, I mostly eat rattlesnakes as part of a high toxin diet to flush out all the cancer I get from this game. To make matters worse, I am a transplant to the west coast and all my friends are still on east coast time so we rarely get a chance to play. Looking for some new people to play with when I get off work on weekdays.


I have had this game since release, got to play a little with the beta ( maybe 1-2 days) . I use to play a lot of LoL with my friends and play CS:GO on and off. Mostly looking for fun multiplayer games I can play with friends. I am very team-oriented, I don't like to play offense cause I get quite excited when I charge in with zarya amplifying my beam to maximum and cutting through lucios like they're some sort of margarine.

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