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About Me

Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm from Los Angeles, California and looking for laid-back and friendly people to play Overwatch with.


I usually stay away from strictly online games and prefer single player games, but ever since the open beta, I've been having so much fun in Overwatch that it's helped me come out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I'd love to be able to find some friendly people to have fun and be able to improve with who won't be too harsh since I'm still learning and am pretty new to FPS games in general. That being said, I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestions for how to play better, as long as you're not condescending and/or rude about it. My overall best character is probably D.Va, but I'm trying my best to learn new characters to be able to fill any role the team may need.

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Quick Stats

Xbox One
130 Level
2403 Rank
45% Competitive Win
111 hours Quick Playtime
2 hours Competitive Playtime

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  • Instantsmile

      2 months ago   Team Post

    I play on PC and XB1, I play casual/competitive (Currrent rank pc s2: 3200) I am looking for more players to play with on XB1. GT: Instantsmile