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Hi there, my name is Juno. I am 16 years old (-99) and I am from Helsinki, Finland. Video games have been a dear hobby of mine for years and a bit of a getaway from reality. Currently I am hoping to get into Overwatch more seriously than other games before. I enjoy playing support but I am now focused on evolving as a player in other roles too. Languages: Finnish, English and Russian fluently. I do speak ein bisschen of German (learned it in school for 7 years) and I will be happy to learn the gaming terminology if I join a german team. :D


I have owned the game since launch (still upset about not getting into closed beta haha). Since then I have mostly played with 3-6 player premades as a healer/support. My other FPS experience consists of just CS:GO, which I have played for a bit over 400 hours and where I reached the Master Guardian 1 rank in competitive mode.

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