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hello, I am a mid/high diamond hitscan main and I would love to play with a group/team that wants to win, my english is pretty good and I am always trying to improve my skill (aim/gamesence) not toxic...

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hello everyone, I am a hitscan main and my main hero is widowmaker (but i am also pretty decent hanzo :D ) I am from czech republic and my english is on a pretty good level, Overwatch is the best game I ever played, but lets just say that playing in normal competitive is more challenging than it should be, I want to play with a team/group that is not toxic and their main goal is winning! I am trying to improve everyday and I want to see how well will I do in a real competitive enviroment. :)


I am playing overwatch around 1.5 years I played for a small team ,but we were so small that I dont think that its worth mentioning in overwatch I am always around mid/high diamond and this season i managed to get into masters and I plan to get there again and maybe eve higher :) ps: when I played cs:go I was a master guardian I, and sometimes I play apex legends (all on the same sensitivity!!)

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