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I'm looking to join a group of people who just want to have fun. I play mostly support, but can play some offense or defense if needed (I cannot play tank for the life of me, i've tried and i cannot g...

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Name: Justin Gender: Male Age: 16 Playstyle: Casual/slightly competitive. Other hobbies: Antique Collector, Theatre, Choir, Video games in general :P I'm your (not so) typical teenage guy who is looking for friends to play Overwatch with. As long as i'm laughing and having fun, winning is not a main priority, however if we can win i do strive to acheive it.


My first game was the day of the open beta, and have played quite a bit since then. Other than playing a bit of Competitive Tf2 as only the medic, i have no competitve video game experience, more casual but i do enjoy winning more than losing. Only other FPS that i've played which would match with Overwatch would be Team Fortress 2

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