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I'm looking for a whole team, which could pick me up or single people who would like to find some more players for a own team. My goal is to get into a 6 man team to play ranked with every day. If you...

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Hey, I'm Justin and im a 17 y/o student from germany. I just finished my second last year in high school, so I got very much free time for about 6 weeks. During school I'll be online from about 16:00 to 23:00. I'm always open for playing with new people but I'd really like to find some players to play with every day. I got a mic and Teamspeak and I can download Discord too if needed, although I'm a bit shy in the beginning probably. I speak german and english fluently and understand a bit of spanish, but not too much. Atm my favourite heroes are Mercy, D.Va and McCree, they're changing quite often though. In a rather competitive ranked team I would like to play either Support or Off-Tank. Feel free to write a comment or add me on battle.net if you wanna play with me. I'm normally not using the voice chat that often, if you got a mic and want to communicate just start talking basically and I'll do too.


I didn't play in the closed beta and so I began playing as the open beta arrived. Later I preordered the game and therefore I'm playing since release. Currently I'm level 50 (haven't played that much) and I always try to improve with many heroes. Preliminary to the release of Overwatch I usually played CS:GO (nearly 2000h in 2 years), but the game got more and more frustrating to me. That's why I now look forward to play ranked in Overwatch. I got no competitive experience outside the main game (tournaments, ladders or smth like that), but I could see myself trying this too.

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