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S1: SR61 S2: SR 3228 I like to win. Period. Whatever it takes, I'm up for it. I primarily play Tank/DPS but I'm happy to Flex pick as needed depending on composition. Now that S2 has reached a...

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Live in Central US, play mostly in the evening and weekends when I'm wrapped up with real world professional work. Love anything competitive and I directly associate fun with winning. Looking for other players that want to win, move through competitive MMRs and keep getting better.


Been playing since beta dropped thanks for Blizz Friends and Family. Competitive FPS games are my bread and butter. Played CS competitively since 1.3 in various CAL brackets and LAN tournaments. Switched to MLG and Gamebattles after CAL was inundated with cheaters and poor administration. Have also dabbled in competitive Quake and Unreal Tournament GOTYE

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