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PC/ United States

I play Lucio, Mercy, and Ana. Looking for a serious competitive team that plans on competing in future tournaments. I communicate pretty well, and i'm always looking to improve. SR: 3100 Season High...

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Hello, My name is Thien A.K.A. LoKIE and I'm from the US. I'm a big fan of this game due to it's interesting and diverse cast of playable characters. I'm looking for a team of friendly people, a good leader, and I'd like to improve as a played alongside others. When it comes to playing on a team, I prefer supportive roles such as healers, buff/debuffer, and the occasional tank. I'm not so successful when it comes to being offensive because I've always been a defensive player, but i could pull off an offensive approach if I absolutely had to.


I've had the game since launch and I play ranked with friends occasionally. Most of the time I'm soloing on ranked. I've played CSGO and other obscure games.

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