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PC/Battle.net Afghanistan

Searching players for any roles but atleast 1 support and 2 tanks. We will mostly play serious competetive. You should have a mic and don't rage. We will play at the evening.

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I am a 16 year old competetive Overwatch player. I am right now comp lvl 55 and search for a team. My main class is Tracer but I also play Genji,Hanzo and Phara. I am mostly using my mic and my english is pretty good. I JUST WANT A TEAM WHO USES THEIR MICS TOO!!!


I am pretty new to the game but a monster with tracer. I got a gold white banner at comp. I am lvl 30 but I am dominating even lvl 100 player. Pls don't rate me for my play time of the game I played alot of TF2 and CS:GO!!!

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