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PC/ United States 134

Strategic mind and serviceable aim, good leader and coordinator, talking to me will give you a better impression than a bio ever will, just add me.
PC/ United States

A team run by me, SilverPuddin, I'm looking to get a good team of people together. Prefer team players with a strategic mind over tryhards with mlg twitch aim, though that would be nice too ;p OK F...

About Me

I'm a guy from NH, I like to have fun and don't mind losing too much, but if I'm in the mood I love to try as hard as I can


1.3K hours in TF2 with comp expirience

Battle tag Battle Tag

Quick Stats

134 Level
2471 Rank
50% Competitive Win
102 hours Quick Playtime
1 hour Competitive Playtime

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      7 months ago

    Heey, Battle Taggs are being showed on somebody his player post ;)