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I am looking for any team that will take me preferably a time that is cool with anime and chill in game not too crazy about winning you know who you are. That's pretty much it any info on me you can f...

About Me

I am 17. I am a guy. I have played overwatch since day 1. I am right now level 160, I ended season 2 in 2900, season 1 ended 56. I watch a lot of anime so kinda looking for a team that doesn't care about that and I mostly play on the weekend.


I am have again played since it released. Season 1: 56 Season 2: 2967 or something liker that Mostly play Rhein or DPS But I can also play healer

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205 Level
3546 Rank
62% Competitive Win
110 hours Quick Playtime
11 hours Competitive Playtime


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