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Heyo! A friend and I are looking to join an Overwatch team to play with regularly. I likes to play Support and Tank in order of preference: Lucio -> Mercy -> Zarya -> Reindhart My friend likes to ...

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Just looking to play some competitive/casual and get better at the game-- eventually into tournaments if permitted. Like to play support, tank, and a bit of DPS classes but I'm willing to learn how to become a solid support/tank flex. Available to play/scrim after work starting around 9EST weekdays and 10EST weekends.


Owned the game since open beta, and follow a lot of comp (whatever's on twitch). I have a decent game sense and I appreciate good constructive criticism. Positive attitude, even when losing, and try to support members best I can. Played mid open and rang for Intermediate (IM) teams in the TF2 scene.

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