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German offsupport player looking for a team to compete in tournaments (open division). I dont get toxic and can flex to Rein/Zarya/hog Season high: 3670 [EU]

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Hi, my Name is Squiirel I'm 16 y/o from Germany. I got About 3700sr by solo Qing as Offsupport/Main tank. My best heroes are Zen, Lucio, Hog, Rein. I'm Looking for a Team with a Coach About 3000-4000sr. I want to Play scrims and improve with my Team. Send me a friend request ingame, if you are interested.


I've played this game for about a year. I dont have any experiance with playing in a real Team. I just hit masters Season 15 and feel like I could do way better in a Team. ( I also can shotcall)

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