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Looking for a competent team to strategise with, I play mercy as a main

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Hey my name is nate, I play on xbox one. I'm 22 going on 23 and a chill person in general, I'm a bit weird but most don't find it annoying. Anywho I'm a mercy main level 30 something (making this at the gym and I can't remember exactly level) and I'm looking for a good team of competent players who no strategy, heroes that complement each other, and just generally how to work as a team and pick hero's as a team. My GT is theBASSmace and you can message me on xbl if you wanna play, during the week I'm usually only on between the hours of 3-7am but weekends I play whenever the mood strikes, but I'll be likely to hop on if you message me even if I'm offline I got smartglass.


I mostly play with friends, sometimes solo. As I said I'm almost always mercy, but if my team is hopeless I'll play as an attack hero or dva or bastion. I've owned the game since launch and played the beta.

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