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Hello there, just looking for people to play with. I play a pretty good Mei, Winston, and D.Va, but can play anyone else if you want me to.

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Hi hello, just trying to find people to play with competitively and casually. I don't really like to solo queue that much, even though I still do. Although my skill rating is 39, it should really be in the high 40s-low 50s. I play Mei, Winston, and D.Va really well, but can play anyone else if you'd like me to. (Except widow, hanzo, and symm sorry). I have a mic, but i'm pretty shy and awkward so i'll barely talk. I also play on the xbox one, but don't take it seriously on there. Discord: uguubun#8137 Twitter: @uguubun (shitpost a lot srry) XBLA: also uguubun


I've been playing since release and sometimes play 24/7. Used to play csgo, but i'm really bad at it. Other than that, Overwatch is my first fps game that i'm actually good at/taken seriously.

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  • Instantsmile

      1 year ago

    I play both PC and XB1 too, I play casual and competitive. Current pc S2 ranking is 3200. I am easy to play with and just like having fun playing with people rather than randoms. Bnet: Instantsmile#1553 GT: Instantsmile