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PC/ United Kingdom

Hiya! I'm Llywelyn! If primarily your in Silver to GOLD to Platinum then GOOD NEWS! Come and Hang out in my discord sever and we'll play some competitive. It really is that simple! (we also have QP/Ar...
PC/ United States

I just started playing placed 2700s sr add me or message if you want to play competitive. Also I only like to win so if your not that type get off my post.
PC/ United Kingdom

Hello I am Zeffron and I am a Support/Flex main around 2900 sr. I am looking for a team to regularly play with and to rank up. I am trying to climb up to Dimaond but the problem is solo queue = utter ...
PC/ Israel

[EU][4K][Tank/Flex] Greeting overwatch comrades, My name is ShipStreeT and im looking for a team, first a bit about me: Been playing compeitivly for many years, played many games (such as wc3, ...
PC/ Portugal

Support Main. I'm in plat +2500 Trying to find someone or a team to play normals and to play competitive.
PC/ United Kingdom

Am a weaboo trash need a group to play with am so scared of solo q please help me!!! Currently 2188sr. Please find me before i lose more matches :p If your a hanzo main go kill yourself XD
PC/ United States

I am around 2700-2900 range. I am looking for people to play with and add to my friends list. I main Winston but I can also play Lucio, D.VA, Zenyatta, Mercy, sometimes when I need to I play Reinhardt...
PlayStation 4 Malaysia

I need a team that can carry each other to diamond ,Im a team player and will do callouts,i can play ana but im flex and have preferences. I have a mic and will listen to commands,i have good english....
PC/ United States

Looking for season 6 team.Main Widow,Sombra,Reaper,Phara,Dva,Mercy,Symmetra but I can pretty much play anyone.Its best to play with me overnights 12am to 6am est or on a day off work because all I do ...
PC/ United States

i'm just looking for a good comp ream, excuse the bad description i'm to lazy to write more
PC/ United States

I play overwatch. I play mainly tank and heal like winston, rein, zen, lucio, mercy. My comp is 2280sr. I want to go up so i want to meet group plz contact me. I can do discord too. I can play on wee...
PC/ United States

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  • FlƐtc...

    50 minutes ago


    The Climb To Diamond

    I'm stuck in the 2800-2900 range and I just want to peak diamond once. I am a flex player but mainly play the tank role.

  • FEjr

    4 hours ago


    looking for players

    looking for a group to run, tired of playing with randoms that just want to do their own thing and have no sense of composition. i mostly run dps but i am very flexible and will play to what is needed

  • Dingo#1...

    8 hours ago


    Stuck in low silver

    If there are other people stuck in the 1300-1700 range please add me. I would rather not talk as i am 13 years old. I can Solider 76 and lucio

  • The_Ave...

    9 hours ago


    Add me if you want to just play the game and not be a troll

    I just want to find a group of friends who want to play the game I don't mind playing comp even though I haven't done my placement matches. Just add me I usually get in in night time.

  • Subnaut...

    10 hours ago


    Stuck in Silver

    If there are others stuck in low gold/silver who play seriously could become a group to try and climb. If you're interest contact me on discord(Subnautik#4330) or my I like to play: Sym, Tracer and I can play: Mercy, Lucio, Reaper