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PC/ United States

Everyone wants a dope team where they can play their best/favorite hero. What people fail to recognize is that although it is possible to win a game on skill alone, overall success relies on an indivi...
PC/ United States

ABOUT ME: Whats up guys, this is Venture. I am a high silver player (well, maybe gold I dunno, season 4 starts today) who is looking to complete a team. I am a support main with some flex into tank w...
PC/ United States 192

Any teams from 2300 up, I main Zen and Lucio but my Ana is really good and so is my Mercy. I communicate well and I don't get too salty. Add builderbeast#1661 I have good memes too
PC/ United States

Looking for a team to climb to diamond and possibly farther. I'm a support player, I main Zen and Ana but I play a mean Lucio/Mercy and I can play a good Rein and Widow. Not looking at anyone un...
PC/ Germany 208

I'm Grendel, Support Main and looking for some mates to stroll through Season 4 together. I'm a chill and quiet team mate who can play best with Ana, Mercy, and Lucio. I love to play Ana alot. I prefe...
PC/ United Kingdom 282

Looking for others to play with, i am a flexible player that can play any role thought i do main tank/support, i have been playing the game since its release, my current rank sits at about 2600 with ...
PC/ Germany 147

Hey I'm searching for someone to play for fun or mayber for competitive. English and german speaking would prefer german of cause . Feel free to add me at .
PC/ Germany

Wir sind momentan ein Team bestehend aus 3-4 Leuten die sich regelmäßig treffen zusammen spielen und auch trainieren . Unser letztes Ranking von der 3ten Season liegt zwischen 1800 und 2500. Die ...
PC/ France 181

Season 4 has begun ! I am looking for mates that are willing to improve in terms of competetive. I'm looking for 3000+ SR minimum. I main heal, but I'm comfortable with every role. I can speak e...
PC/ Russian Federation 412

looking for team with brains for competitive play. playing on dps most of the time now, also can play on supports and some tanks. playing mostly after 12am (msk) at weekdays and after 6pm (msk) at wee...
PC/ United States 338

Just looking for any players that enjoy playing quick play. Feel free to add me and invite me whenever I am on. I got a mic but I am sort of shy.
PC/ United States 9

Looking for a group/team wanting to push rating. I started season 3 at 1700, and I'm currently at 2700. I'm a soldier main- 4.5 elims per life, 43 avg a game, with 25k dmg. I have game knowledge, sens...

  • Cptgear...

    22 minutes ago


    Done with solo queues

    I just got into gold tier and I want to have an actual team with me if I want to go any further, I mostly play mercy so you wont have a problem with finding a support!

  • TheDidd...

    4 hours ago


    Gold comp group, let's get plat

    I'm a belgian player who struggles with leavers and toxic people alot, I recently started playing Ana and i love her, I can be quite flexible though.

  • KeatonS...

    4 hours ago


    Looking for comp group

    would like to make a perm group for comp, i mainly play ana/lucio but can play zarya and winston. my sl last season was just around 2400, wanting to get up to diamond. 18+

  • Fusegam...

    5 hours ago



    Hope we can get up the ranks

  • LeonGG#...

    21 hours ago


    Looking for Placement matches

    Need dedicated players for placement matches, Must be over lvl70 and 3000+ elo. Mics Needed for coms, no bullshit, no retards.