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PC EU (UK) - Off Support/Flex DPS KiinTo#2852 Looking for a serious team to develop with. I am currently a level 52 since I haven't had much time to play from release because of exams but I will be playing lots more in the summer for sure. I sadly didn't get invited to beta however I couldn't stop watching and took in a lot of information via streamers and youtubers. It has definitely helped my game. My strongest heroes are Lúcio/Reaper/Mccree/Hanzo. I can play any of them but they are strongest from left to right. It would be preferable for me to play an off heal role however I don't mind any as long as I'm playing to my strengths. I played a large amount of CS:GO for years to a high level rotating through different teams over time as well as different accounts. Besides all this I never entered any tournaments due to the tiny scene in UK when I was playing. My strengths are definitely in the aiming area hence why I play a lot of Mccree and Hanzo which is a great skill I transferred directly from my rifle role in CS:GO. I started playing Mccree as more of a tank shreader and since the nerf I have pushed towards Reaper to fill that. I know all the maps extremely well and consider myself to have great map awareness on almost all if not all of the maps. This is due to the sheer amount of videos I watched on all the intricicies of the maps. It has helped me become a great Lúcio player when paired with my movement practice in CS:GO. Add me on Battle.Net to talk more about where I could fit in, I am currently available mainly in the evenings (GMT). But in the summer I will be available more during the day as well. Every day should be fine since I have no other commitments as a student. I am 18 years old if that has any relevance. Thank you for your time and I hope to receive some adds. KiinTo_

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