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PC/Battle.net United States

Looking for a team to improve and get better!
PC/Battle.net Afghanistan

Heya! I would love to get back into the game. I haven't played in a long time, but I was low masters when I did. Add me on discord! owoaxo#6160
PC/Battle.net Sweden

I've had the game since season 1 yet have never played on a team, managed to get 4200 in season 5 and shortly after in season 6 I sold the account, just got back into the game again as a support main ...
PC/Battle.net Germany

German offsupport player looking for a team to compete in tournaments (open division). I dont get toxic and can flex to Rein/Zarya/hog Season high: 3670 [EU]
PC/Battle.net Sweden

Discord: Mirai#1314 Battle.Net: Levi#21717 Platinum, 2700 Carier high: 3176 Have scrim experience Looking for team to improve skill level . Ready for everyday scrims. Wish that with teammates w...
PC/Battle.net Germany

Greetings ^^ Im a master DPS / Offtank player. Mostly i play a lot of fun but serious QP. Feel free to contact me (best way is twitter @mangoeislp or discord MangoeisLP#7777) I speak german, english a...