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Who We Are. Non Toxic Gaming is a casual PC gaming community who have been around since 2004 as a very small group of players. We dont ask our members to play so many hours a week we do understand people have work, kids and ofc partners so you play when you can no pressure at all. Community Goals The main goal of the community is going to be a community feeling where all types of players can come together and play without the fear of drama. To build more than just a guild in whatever game you play, but a community to enjoy all them great games you love playing. Who we are looking for Gamers that desire a community to call home and not just a bunch of random, nameless people with the same Guild Tag. We at Non Toxic Gaming do not look at age as a simple number. Your maturity and general interaction with the community is what we are looking at. If you’re a 18 year old with a mature demeanor and attitude you are more than welcome to join skill plays no part all skill levels are welcome. Discord Our Discord is where everything goes down, and members are highly encouraged to join it for discussions, important Community announcements and ofc to be social with your fellow members. We hope you enjoy and make use of the array of amenities provided within. How to Join If this seems like a good fit for you or want to know more jump on our Discord. Discord: Contacts on Discord Zemner#5562 Battlenet BigZemTV#2352

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